We Told You So


After having been announce many years ago, We Told You So, the definitive history of Fantagraphic Books is now slated for publication in November of 2016. Written by the inimitable Tom Spurgeon, the book sports a (not as yet final) cover by Daniel Clowes, drew in himself in the background on the left.

Also love the Spirou image on the late Kim Thompson’s computer screen.

(via the Daniel Clowes Reader)

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Irony always wins, even in Angouleme


Sometimes satire just presents itself. To promote the Morris and Lucky Luke exhibition at this year’s Festival of Angoulême, posters had been distributed all through town with the typical signs that would mark the western towns’ limits in the comic.

Then the gathered professionals reacted less than favourably on the faux fauves disaster (more on that here), and Festival director Franck Bondoux hinted at the fact that comics is a medium that enjoys mocking others and itself. In other words, “Don’t be sore losers, and put up with this.”

And so, these signs became quite topical all of a sudden, expressing the general feeling of the professionals towards the Festival’s organisers, saying “We’ve got tar, we’ve got feathers, and we sure like a good laugh”.

(Photo Gilles Ciment)

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Burns in 1983

Charles Burns - The Rocket

In 1983, Charles Burns provided this cover for the Seattle Rocket alternative newspaper. With thanks to the New Yorker for digging it up.

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Jim Lee does Batman vs. Superman


In order to further bolster the importance of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie, British film magazine Empire commissioned a special cover illustration for the subscribers’ version of its March, 2016 issue. Jim Lee came through with a dramatic piece that could just as easily have been plucked from any action comic from the nineties. Nice to see the Miller armour making a comeback, though.

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Faster than a speeding truck

FullSizeRender 3

Somehow I don’t think the indicia on this Polish truck (which passed me on the right at alarming speed only to almost slam in the traffic jam some 200 meters ahead of us) were authorised.

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Alzheimer’s also affects heroes


It’s been quite a while since I saw a bonafide ad campaign featuring classic comic heroes, but this one really fits the bill. The Association France Alzheimer wanted to alert people to be aware of the early symptoms of the disease, and to seek help should they notice people suffering from recurring memory loss.

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Sean has a thing for David


Writer Sean T. Collins not only wrote one of the most gripping David Bowie comics ever, he also turns out to be a major collector of Bowie themed cartoonist art. Collected at festivals between 2008 and 2010, the gallery features some 103 sketches, cartoons and portraits by luminaries ranging from Farel Dalrymple to Scott C, any of the Hernandez Bros, Jason, Kate Beaton and (my favorite) Kevin Huizenga (above).

In 2009 Collins did a write-up for Robot 6 about the background of the collection, with plenty of anecdotes about the various artists.

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