Swarte chocolate coins


The Dutch city of Gouda has a library / cultural centre with the delicious name, De Chocoladefabriek (or The Chocolate Factory). Illustrator and designer Joost Swarte created five chocolate coins to celebrate the five aspects of this organisation : the library, the local archive, the printing division, study room and cafetaria.

They are only available locally, and I haven’t seen them myself. But the two designs that I was able to track down, at least look delicious.

(via Joost Swarte Blog)

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The thin line between rememberance and attraction

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 20.11.40

Leave it to Adrian Tomine to aptly trap any well-thinking individual’s ambivalent views on the 9/11 memorial in New York City on the cover of the July 7th New Yorker magazine. On the one hand, it is an impressive work of art that does the job of remembering those who died on that fateful day on various levels. And at the same time, it’s another attraction for tourists giddy with Big Apple fever that very soon will be populated with guys trying to make a fast buck. Maybe it’s all just too soon.

Also, mark how Tomine fits himself in the picture, Hitchcock-style. He even has his name all over himself…

The New Yorker website has an interview with Tomine about the creation of this great image.

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Supergirl is a baker


Recently Flemish chef extraordinaire Kobe Desramaults opened a new place in Ghent. Superette offers sandwiches and salads that are a little more down to earth than the culinary experiments he presents in his restaurant In De Wulf, but are nevertheless astoundingly delicious.

Superette is also above all the laboratory for baker Sarah Lemke, who came from the US to complement Desramaults’ palette of tastes with honest, old-fashioned, tasty bread, the fruit of locally resourced ingredients, a traditional wood oven and a lot of passion. She is Supergirl with a baker’s apron, and so Superette’s bread bags proudly sport an image of the girl from Krypton holding a baker’s peel. Why she’s astride a giant wild boar, I’m not really sure.

(And with that we are picking up with the blog where we left it some two months ago. Our apologies if we kept you waiting; things have been quite hectic at our end. Thanks for coming back to see if somehow we had managed to post something new. We won’t let you down ;-)

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All the wrong questions, with the right pictures


Apparently Lemony Snickett is doing a new series of books, and nobody told me. They’re called All The Wrong Questions, and each book indeed asks a, well, wrong question.

I remember reading the Series of Unfortunate Events books for my kids, and liking it more than them. And with Seth doing the covers and interior illustration (not to mention the website) I have the feeling I’ll like these too. There have been three books so far, and a fourth one is planned in the fall.

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Garfield = orange


In comics, colors are iconic – characters are instantly recognizable based on their color, even if their shape has been largely removed from the image. So it is no surprise that this idea is used in ad campaigns for brands of dyes, paints and other color products. Comex did it with the Smurfs and the Pink Panther, and Pantone presents its patented color coding scheme with Garfield and assorted Muppets.

(via Adevee)

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TAM Tells It With Pictures

tam-tam-marcelo-thiago-silva-david-luiz-print-361498-adeevee In its campaign, Com TAM A Historia E Outra (With Tam It’s A Different Story), Brazilian airline TAM uses a combination of (animated) comics and short video clips featuring star players of its national football team to give prospective customers an idea of their services in times of dire need. I like how various styles are combined, and how subtle animations are used in the transitions between the panels, and in the pictures themselves. Also, the combination of video and cartooning works very well for once.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 17.55.25 Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 17.56.09

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Ever Meulen in 3D


The city where I live played quite an important role in the history of rock music in Belgium, and music festivals in particular. From its inception in 1965 until its demise in 1981, Jazz Bilzen was one of the most important rock festivals on the continent, bringing bands like AC-DC, Deep Purple, the Police, the Damned or the Small Faces to our neck of the woods.

For a long time, Jazz Bilzen worked together with Humo Magazine for the promotion of the festival, which makes for a direct connection between the town and illustration superstar Ever Meulen.

To commemorate the town’s glorious history, a series of sculptures were commissioned based on Meulen’s artwork featuring musicians and performers, the first two of which were presented to the public on midsummer’s eve. They really manage to convey the energy that Ever puts in his artwork, with bright colors and inventive forms. And, as each sculpture features a different character on each side (including one of Ever’s famous Elvises), every sculpture counts as two!

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