Donate your eyes

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These powerful ads by the Instituto Dr. José Frota of Brasil are meant to promote cornea donation, which is a necessary prerequisite for succesful eye restoration surgery. However, it seems to me that you can also interpret the message in a more metaphorical way : if you want your children to go through life with an open eyes and with mind that is capable of wonder, you need to be an example, and donate your own open eyes and mind. And also : if you want your children to become superheroes, you need to believe in their possibilities

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Fruity Heroes from Oasis

tumblr_ndjih8UOot1qbc7d1o7_1280To celebrate 75 years of Batman, French fruit drink brand Oasis now comes in new cans, featuring their own fruity characters dressed up as DC superheroes.  Left to right, this includes Ramon Tafraise as the Flash, Mangue Debol as Batman, Fambougeoise as Wonder Woman and finally, Orange Presslé as Superman. The cans come in special boxes that has the heroes really popping out of their costumes.

The special cans will be available from October 27 onwards, at Colette Paris.


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Conz does dinosaurs



Flemish cartoonist Constantijn Van Cauwenberge (or Conz for short) just finished the design of a new series of stamps for the Belgian Post Office featuring awesome renderings of ten dinosaurs. On his Facebook page, Conz also posted earlier drafts of the designs, which arguably are even greater.


The stamps have a release date of September 2015 and will probably cost something like € 7 (price hikes are always possible).

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Prof. Jogg meets the cartoonist


I’m not really sure whether this quaint little story by Basil Wolverton is in any way autobiographical, but it goes to show : there’s nothing that a bit of dynamite can’t solve! The other lesson is for those among us who work with cartoonists : “He gets violent if we’re not silent!”

(From Gay Comics #27, Spring 1947)

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Ralph Steadman on Breaking Bad


A new collected edition of Breaking Bad on Blu-ray will sport brilliant cover illustrations by none other than Ralph Steadman. Each of the six seasons has a portrait of one of the main characters, including Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman.

The caricatures are harsh, as you would expect with Steadman, but they’re also very accurate. So accurate even, that they may even be considered to contain the odd spoiler.

“Yeah Mr. Steadman! Yeah Art!”

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Paul Hetherington loves comics and Lego


The excellent Lego blog Brothers Brick recently reported on master builder Paul Hetherington winning the Best In Show award at this year’s BrickCon with an hommage to David Petersen’s wonderful graphic novel series, Mouse Guard. This must be my personal favorite Lego creation ever, as it references comics, it is recognisable and it features a book!


It’s not the first time that Hetherington finds inspiration in comics. Last August, he did his own version of the cover to the Tintin book, Land of Black Gold, which was equally impressive.

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Tom Gauld’s Library


Judging from Tom Gauld‘s cover to this week’s edition of the New Yorker magazine, his idea of a good library is quite similar to mine. Thank God they didn’t pick the alternative featuring the e-reader. It would have “said something”, but it would also have been something sad.


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