Better Aging With Olivier Schrauwen


Belgian cartoonist Olivier Schrauwen uses his trademark bleak-yet-intriguing colour palette for these illustrations for an article on the benefits of exercising to battle the symptoms of aging. From the April 29, 2016 issue of the New York Times.


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The perils of taking a cab


Illustrated PEN is a weekly feature on the PEN America website showcasing some of the best non-fiction and reportage comics around. The latest installment is a funny comic by Eric Orner about the joys and risks of taking a cab in Israel when the bus isn’t deemed safe enough for foreigners.

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Robotic Interview


Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson rarely uses the comic form in his very prolific work, but when he does, he likes to be interviewed by one of his little robots.

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A case for canabis


Adam Bessie is an American writer specializing in essay and reportage comics, often with an autobiographical slant, which he then runs in publications like The Atlantic and The Boston Globe. In one of his most recent strips, No Shame in Staying Alive, he explains how medical marihuana helped him fight the side effects of cancer treatment, but also how he struggled with balancing his drug use with his role as a father.

The wonderful art of this comic (from Fusion) is by cartoonist and educator Marc Parenteau. Check out Adam Bessie’s website for a full list of his comics.

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Gaston didn’t know, obviously


In the seventies Franco-belgian comics magazines like Spirou hardly contained any advertising, except maybe for their own album series or for the odd record player. Content mattered then as more than as a buffer between commercial messages.

And in case there was an ad in the magazine, it was very much tailored to the public, with products aimed at older teenagers (yes, they read comics magazines back then). This one is a very fine example, promoting the transalpino service, which allowed youngsters to travel by train with huge discounts. No wonder that De Mesmaeker, always a businessman looking for a deal, is quite cross that he can’t use it while Gaston, bewildered as ever, hasn’t even heard of it. Ah, simpler times.

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Get your epigone


You still have two days to support Jan Truyens’s pledge drive for the production of his wonderful comic, About God His Brother And Other Fine Meats., narrating the story of an old man who, after his demise, ends up in Heaven and discovers that God is actually his brother.  If you sign up for 35 Euros or more, you’ll also get a large-sized quadri print of the above Spirou illustration.

At least, it’s a good incentive to finally learn Dutch.

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When Charlie met Mafalda


Using only samples from Peanuts and Mafalda strips, and speech bubbles from the latter, Vincente José created a new comic that reveals both Quino’s and Schulz’s main characters to be rather unpleasant little brats, with Charlie Brown laughing at Mafalda for tripping, only to be put down for having an overbite, a too large head and not enough characer. Ouch.

(via the Comics Workbook)

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