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Calvin and Garfield

Pandyland takes the Garfield Without Garfield / Calvin Without Hobbes to a next nihilist-existentialist level, with additional Dilbert admin. My head hurts!

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Fruit ‘n’ veg are the real heroes

Even though you can tell that this was done in an ad school (there are no inches of copyright information to start with), I thoroughly dig these ads promoting healthy food.  Not only are the visuals very creatively imagined, the … Continue reading

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Young Andy Capp

While browsing through a bound volume of the seminal Flemish comics weekly KZV from 1956, I came across this strip by Reg Smythe, created a few years before he went on and became extremely successful with his Andy Capp strip. … Continue reading

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FIDH Annual report in comic format

It would seem that there’s a huge surge in reporting comics happening, on websites like Symbolia and The Nib. FIDH, the world-wide human rights movement, goes one step further and published its 2013 yearly report in one big infographic in comics … Continue reading

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Lady drawers

Writer and artist Anne-Elisabeth Moore has an ongoing column called Ladydrawers for progressive investigating reporting website, in which she mostly covers the position of women in the creative industries. Each column is in comic strip format, with collaborations by … Continue reading

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I want to ride my bycicle

I may be starting to sound like an old grump here, but it would seem that a bike was a more wholesome object of desire in the 1940s than a PS4 is today. Just sayin’. These ads are, again, from … Continue reading

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Christoph Niemann’s Peace Proposal

According to conceptual artist Yosuke Ushigome the only solution for long-running enemities between superpowers is the organisation of highly technological mass spectacles.  In a project for MOMA Illustrator Christoph Niemann took this idea and applied it on a smaller scale, trying … Continue reading

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