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Comics quoting from the future

It’s most probably my personal idiosyncratic frame of reference, but off late I’ve noticed at least two classic Franco-belgian comics featuring characters that are blatant references to real people, except that those people were still children at best at the … Continue reading

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Astérix sells!

In 1967, Astérix, arguably the most successful French comic character ever, was big business. Each new album sold about half a million copies, and the characters by Goscinny and Uderzo were courted by all kinds of business for advertising campaigns. … Continue reading

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Puce Stamps

In 1962, Pogo cartoonist Walt Kelly made fun of the practice popularised by US supermarket chain Sperry & Hutchinson of giving out bonus stamps with each purchase. These green stamps could later be traded for household goods of all kind, giving … Continue reading

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Stealing Time

A collaboration between high-end fashion brand Chanel and Condé Nast, publishers of high-end fashion guide to life Vogue, Stealing Time is an online detective comic that hits all the button. Six episodes feature a femme fatale, a hard-boiled cop and … Continue reading

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The Wall Of Shame

Whether the Wall will be built, and whether Mexico or the American public will pay for it, is still in the open. What’s certain, is that Gilbert Hernandez ended 2016 with a biting satire on the thing for the Village Voice. I … Continue reading

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So long, Master Cooke

Earlier today it was announced that cartoonist Darwyn Cooke has died. Even though I never met the guy, I feel like I’ve lost a friend, somebody who was there when you needed him and offered advice and comfort. Allow me … Continue reading

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Mark Zuckerberg is a comic character

A while ago Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg published the above photo of his wardrobe, and the internet went into a frenzy. How can anybody be so bland as to have only the same shirt and hoodie? At the same time, efficiency experts … Continue reading

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