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When Charlie met Mafalda

Using only samples from Peanuts and Mafalda strips, and speech bubbles from the latter, Vincente José created a new comic that reveals both Quino’s and Schulz’s main characters to be rather unpleasant little brats, with Charlie Brown laughing at Mafalda … Continue reading

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Ibn Al Rabin’s serious play

Swiss cartoonist Ibn Al-Rabin is an enormously productive comic creator, with books in the catalogs of a handful of publishers, but also with a publishing range of his own. His comics cover a wide selection of subjects, but never stray … Continue reading

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Captain Mercaptan to the rescue

Baltimore Gas and Electric wants its youngest customers to hep to the benefits but also the dangers of natural gas. Captain Mercaptan and his sidekicks Sunny and Pipey teach children what to be aware of, and be on the lookout … Continue reading

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Jeff Buckley’s infinite canvas

For official video to the Dylan cover Just Like A Woman, from the recent, posthumous Jeff Buckley compilation LP, You And I, production houses Blind and Interlude collaborated to create a genuine interactive streaming comic book. While the music is playing, you can click on … Continue reading

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Niklaus Rüegg brings Real life captions

Swiss-Belgian visual artist Niklaus Rüegg loves to mix visual arts with the real world. With his real-life captioned comic panels quiet landscapes or street corners suddenly transform in a dynamic episode in a comic story. Even though nothing may actually … Continue reading

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Donald Trump pervades comics internationally

Donald Trump’s disrupting effect on the US presidential nomination procedures keeps perturbing minds the world over, including some of the best comics creators around. Masaaki Sato, political cartoonist for the Japanse newspaper Tokyo Shinbun compares Trump’s tactics with the giants attacking … Continue reading

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Tintin! Moon! Lego!

Forgive my childish gibber, but could somebody wake up whoever’s at the helm at Lego and point their noses towards these creations by Tyler Clites? I mean, this must be the best Tintin moon rocket in Lego I have ever seen. … Continue reading

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