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What your toys are up to

Edy Hardjo likes to imagine what your action figures and toys do when you are not around. And judging from his photos, they’re up to not a lot of good. Hardjo uses superhero action figures that he poses picture perfect. … Continue reading

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Simpsons go superheroes

The Simpsons Tapped Out, the official Simpsons game on IOS and Android, launched a new story arch earlier this week, and it’s all about superheroes. The story is still in its early stages, with Fallout Boy running around after the … Continue reading

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Here be watchmen

With a title like, To Set A Watchman, it’s small wonder that Harper Lee‘s new novel rings a bell with even the most casual reader of graphic novels. However, leave it to Ruben Bolling to use that pavlovian response and … Continue reading

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The Bloody Footprint

mer In the New York Times edition of February 5, Lily Carré had a short comic about the way our own memories can betray us, and how we can remember things as solid truths that never happened in the first … Continue reading

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Real superheroine costumes

Buzzfeed asked illustrator Celeste Pille to redesign well-known DC and Marvel universe super-heroine costumes from a female perspective. That and the fact that she gave the women in question body shapes that at least are possible in the real world, actually … Continue reading

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Better call Saul

In order to promote its new Breaking Bad spin-off series, Better Call Saul, AMC put out an online comic called, Client Development. The book ties neatly into the original series, while at the same time focusing on side characters like … Continue reading

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Technology will fail you

Italian illustrator and cartoonist Cristina Spano created this moving one-page comic for a very familiar-sounding story by Rebecca Scherm in the New York Times on how her cell phone company failed to actually store voicemail messages from her grandmother that she … Continue reading

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