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Canniff on air raids

Milton Canniff shows you what to do in case of an air raid in this official communication distributed by the Office of Civilian Defense in 1941. Look at all those civilians being cool in the first panel! (via The Fabulous Fifties)

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Baudoin salutes Charlie

For Paris Tribune, comic creator Baudoin drew these portraits of the five cartoonists who were killed in the Charlie Hebdo shooting. I am deeply moved by the humanity and fragility of these drawings – they stress the fact that  the … Continue reading

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Dr Seuss Comics?

Horton hears a “Who knew” – turns out, two years before the publication of his first book, Dr Seuss had a comic strip, Hejji, which was distributed by King Features Syndicate and ran from April until June, 1935. With thanks … Continue reading

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Heroic words of wisdom

I’m always interested in projects that combine elements of popular or geek culture to create new visual designs. Heroic Words Of Wisdom is such a project, which has been around for a while but only just popped up on my radar … Continue reading

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Joe Sacco on satire

I had been thinking about how I could add anything to the current debate about the attack on Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, without echoing the many opinions and takes that had already been published all over the place. Yesterday, this … Continue reading

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Behold, The Comics machine

My pal Gene Kannenberg has set himself the challenge of creating an abstract comic every single day for a year. So far he’s done two takes on the Family Circus, a single strip comic and a few longer ones, such … Continue reading

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Reddy Goose

Even though I’m very interested in vintage promotional comics, I’d never heard of the series Reddy Goose before. Apparently, 16 of these were published between 1958 and 1962 by Red Goose Shoes, a brand of the International Shoe Company. This particular … Continue reading

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