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A Fairy Tale of Batman

Mauricio Abril created an original Batman story with over 200 black and white panels, set to the sound of Muse’s Knights Of Cydonia. It’s an incredible feat, and the story follows the song’s rhythm and mood changes in an amazing … Continue reading

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No, Not That Lone Ranger

I was browsing a fairly local record store when I came across this ditty from the early eighties, that is currently being re-released on vinyl. I guess it’s totally unrelated to a certain movie that does not seem to be … Continue reading

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Dress Up Your Bowie With Baeken

When David Bowie announced a new album after ten years of silence, a feeding frenzy broke out among the presserati.  Flemish daily De Morgen this weekend contributed to the looking-back-and-looking-forward action with an article about Bowie’s outfits throughout his carreer … Continue reading

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New music in a comic strip way

New music comes to life in a cartoon strip manner in these little ads for Chilean radio station Horizonte.  Artwork for these ads is by the Manu Studio. (via I Believe In Advertising, which has bigger versions)

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99 Ways to Sonify a story

Every week Marc Weidenbaum of the excellent Disquiet music website throws a sonic challenge to his audience under the monicker Disquiet Junto.  Musicians are asked to come up with an original composition based on a number of fixed constraints. Marc is … Continue reading

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Theme Time Explained

Who knew that the poster Jaime Hernandez created for Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour actually illustrated the show’s introduction ? This movie shows it all.

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More Oliver East for Elbow

The Oliver East – Elbow connection keeps on growing.  Richard points us toward this video for the new Elbow single, Open Arms, which is essentially an animated short by Mr. East.  Brilliant.

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