Gaston didn’t know, obviously


In the seventies Franco-belgian comics magazines like Spirou hardly contained any advertising, except maybe for their own album series or for the odd record player. Content mattered then as more than as a buffer between commercial messages.

And in case there was an ad in the magazine, it was very much tailored to the public, with products aimed at older teenagers (yes, they read comics magazines back then). This one is a very fine example, promoting the transalpino service, which allowed youngsters to travel by train with huge discounts. No wonder that De Mesmaeker, always a businessman looking for a deal, is quite cross that he can’t use it while Gaston, bewildered as ever, hasn’t even heard of it. Ah, simpler times.

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Get your epigone


You still have two days to support Jan Truyens’s pledge drive for the production of his wonderful comic, About God His Brother And Other Fine Meats., narrating the story of an old man who, after his demise, ends up in Heaven and discovers that God is actually his brother.  If you sign up for 35 Euros or more, you’ll also get a large-sized quadri print of the above Spirou illustration.

At least, it’s a good incentive to finally learn Dutch.

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When Charlie met Mafalda


Using only samples from Peanuts and Mafalda strips, and speech bubbles from the latter, Vincente José created a new comic that reveals both Quino’s and Schulz’s main characters to be rather unpleasant little brats, with Charlie Brown laughing at Mafalda for tripping, only to be put down for having an overbite, a too large head and not enough characer. Ouch.

(via the Comics Workbook)

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Ibn Al Rabin’s serious play


Swiss cartoonist Ibn Al-Rabin is an enormously productive comic creator, with books in the catalogs of a handful of publishers, but also with a publishing range of his own. His comics cover a wide selection of subjects, but never stray far away from a formalist play with the constraints of the medium, and always with new and exciting ways to break through them.



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Captain Mercaptan to the rescue

2016-04-25 22_56_57-BGE Gas Safety

Baltimore Gas and Electric wants its youngest customers to hep to the benefits but also the dangers of natural gas. Captain Mercaptan and his sidekicks Sunny and Pipey teach children what to be aware of, and be on the lookout for sounds or smells that could point towards gas leakage.

The characters were designed by students and school children from the Baltimore area, and feature in comics stories that are created by the children in yearly contests. And what’s more exciting than having your own superhero fight crime side by side with Iron Man?

(Thanks, Mark)

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Tout de suite, maintenant

2016 06 Tout de suite maintenant affiche (1)

Floc’h, French purveyor extraordinaire of extremely pure ligne claire art, has added a new gem to his long-running oeuvre. For Tout de suite, maintenant, the new film of French director Pascal Bonitzer, out in June, Floc’h created the poster and promotional art. The images feature the likenesses of the main characters of the film, played by Isabelle Huppert, Lambert Wilson and other luminaries of French cinema.

All this of course means that, even a meagre three years after its publication, an updated edition of 2013’s Inventaire may become more than necessary very soon.

(via L’homme dans la foule)

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Jeff Buckley’s infinite canvas

2016-04-11 22_14_34-The Ephemerist

For official video to the Dylan cover Just Like A Woman, from the recent, posthumous Jeff Buckley compilation LP, You And I, production houses Blind and Interlude collaborated to create a genuine interactive streaming comic book. While the music is playing, you can click on all the panels to switch between four different stories about love, breakup and loneliness. As to the chronology of the fragments, the story remains vague. After all, love is a never-ending story.

And yes, even though Dylan’s original is one of my favorite songs ever, Buckley’s version is once more so much more gripping.

(via Motionographer)

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