Real superheroine costumes


Buzzfeed asked illustrator Celeste Pille to redesign well-known DC and Marvel universe super-heroine costumes from a female perspective. That and the fact that she gave the women in question body shapes that at least are possible in the real world, actually adds to their allure. This Wonder Woman really would kick your ass and Power Girl actually looks, well, powerful.

(via Buzzfeed, where there’s more)

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Brecht illustrates the classics

Neal cassady (on the road) - Kerouac

For quite a while now,  Brecht Evens has been providing illustrations for a running feature in the Belgian newspaper De Morgen‘s weekly literature section, about the real people that inspired famous works of fiction.

Even though in the earliest tableaux of this series he may have been searching a little for a fitting visual language, the recent ones are actually mindblowing, such as Neil Cassidy driving the bus in Kerouac’s On The Road. Below are, in order, more examples, with Brecht’s visualisation of Candide, Alice In Wonderland, Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Robinson Crusoe.

If you need more of Brecht’s wondrously colorful imagery, and a mesmerizing story to boot, you may want to check out his latest graphic novel, Panther, which is out now, though not in English (yet).

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Parodying the parody

10960127_10155195239295440_8788261490579138765_o seele

In January of this year Belgian painter Luc Tuymans lost a court case filed against him by photographer Katrijn Van Giel who claimed that for his painting A Belgian Politician, Tuymans had simply copied one of her photographs of Belgian politician Jean-Marie Dedecker. The court dismissed Tuymans’ defence that his painting was a parody of the original photograph, and the art world tumbled over itself expressing its anger and dismay at such shortsightedness.

Two Flemish cartoonists, Serge Baeken and Herr Seele commented on this on separate occasions, and both quite remarkably enough chose the side of the photographer. The Herr Seele piece (which is one of a series in which he comments on topical items using well-known works of art) quoting an earlier work by Henri de Braekeleer makes everything even more meta. However, I think I prefer Baeken’s portrait of Tuymans himself, with some strategically placed perspiration on the parodist’s forehead.

Art commenting on art quoting art — things don’t get better.

(Illustrations © Serge Baeken – Lekstock and Her Seele)

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Better call Saul


In order to promote its new Breaking Bad spin-off series, Better Call Saul, AMC put out an online comic called, Client Development. The book ties neatly into the original series, while at the same time focusing on side characters like Goodman himself and Mike Ehrmantraut.  The story is by Jenn Carroll and Gordon Smith, both of whom worked on Breaking Bad, with artwork by Steve Ellis, who also did the art for previous AMC Breaking Bad comics.

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Cultural Capital!


Joost Swarte provided this illustration for an article on the Belgian city of Mons being the cultural capital of Europe for 2015, in the January 29, 2015 issue of the French daily Libération. Which, incidentally, was the annual comics issue, when on the occasion of the Festival of Angoulême, all illustrations in the paper are provided by comics creators and cartoonists.

(illustration © Joost Swarte)

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Technology will fail you


Italian illustrator and cartoonist Cristina Spano created this moving one-page comic for a very familiar-sounding story by Rebecca Scherm in the New York Times on how her cell phone company failed to actually store voicemail messages from her grandmother that she had saved.

In the end, technology companies will fail you, not just in the promises they don’t keep (a promise is for life, not for the duration of a particular marketing campaign) but also in making you feel that your problem or complaint first and foremost is a hitch in their fluent crm process, not an opportunity for service or support. The more we rely on technology for non-quantifiable or non-procedural aspects of our lives, the more we will feel left clutching air.

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Word Balloons in Angou


While wandering around the city of Angoulême, I came across two sculptures I’d not seen there before (even though, judging from the graffiti, they’d been there for a while already). As you’d expect with street art in the comics capital of Europe, they’re decidedly comics-themed, or at least feature word balloons.

And so I thought I’d better share them.

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