The Soul of Simenon


A recent article in the New York Times about Belgian writer Georges Simenon, was made extra special by the illustrations that Roman Muradov provided. He simply managed to capture the essence of Georges.

(illustrations © Roman Muradov, via Mike)

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What your toys are up to

superhero-action-figure-toys-photography-hrjoe-7 superhero-action-figure-toys-photography-hrjoe-8

Edy Hardjo likes to imagine what your action figures and toys do when you are not around. And judging from his photos, they’re up to not a lot of good.

Hardjo uses superhero action figures that he poses picture perfect. Afterwards, he removes all stands and wires in Photoshop, as well as the puppets’ joints to make the picture more real. Expressive facial expressions make the illusion complete (even though the Hulk only needs one expression).

(From Bored Panda, which has more, via Konstantinos)

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Simpsons go superheroes

IMG_8564The Simpsons Tapped Out, the official Simpsons game on IOS and Android, launched a new story arch earlier this week, and it’s all about superheroes. The story is still in its early stages, with Fallout Boy running around after the death of Radioactive Man and Homer playing the part of Pie Man.

IMG_8565 IMG_8570

Players are asked to help their superhero characters by tapping some very stereotypical evil-doers, who then explode with Batman-like visual sound effects.

And because comics require specific formal restrictions, the in-story narratives are presented as comic panels, while the original Simpsons font has been replaced by something that resembles “typical comic book” lettering.

In term of play, of course, the update has the same dynamic as the previous ones – you tap specific characters to get special tokens, which you can save up to buy special edition buildings or characters. But as ever, execution is flawless, and the game has plenty of very Simpsonsesque zaniness. The game also features a title screen that takes you back to the silver age of Marvel superhero comics.

(If you want, you can find me on the EA Origin platform as Sparehed – let’s tap together!)

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Here be watchmen

2015-02-19 14_01_44-To Kill a Watchman — The Nib — Medium

With a title like, To Set A Watchman, it’s small wonder that Harper Lee‘s new novel rings a bell with even the most casual reader of graphic novels. However, leave it to Ruben Bolling to use that pavlovian response and turn it into an genuine critique on the rather shady story of who the manuscript was discovered and how the whole thing is pumped up to a media frenzy.

(Comic © Ruben Bolling, via Medium)

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The Bloody Footprint

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 14.16.44mer

In the New York Times edition of February 5, Lily Carré had a short comic about the way our own memories can betray us, and how we can remember things as solid truths that never happened in the first place.

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Brecht & Brecht

10917428_887029511320064_290971454921930159_nWhen Brecht Evens and Brecht Vandenbroucke, two of the best graphic artists currently working in Belgium (if not the most colourful), join forces to create a single picture, we are all just lucky that the world doesn’t implode due to an overdose of awesomeness. And the picture’s not bad either.

(Image © Brecht Evens and Brecht Vandenbroucke)

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Van der Veken creates coloring pictures


Completely in tune with the current trend of promoting coloring for adults as a viable meditation and relaxing activity, aimed at creating a zen-like antidote to the daily rush of modern life, Flemish daily De Standaard is currently including coloring pages with its weekend editions. The four black-and-white line drawings on quite sturdy paper for these plates were created by Flemish clear line illustrator Jan van der Veken.

It’s not the first time Van der Veken is involved with a coloring-in event, as he was president of the jury of a coloring-for-adults competition organised last year by one of the major chains of book stores.

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