Lady drawers


Writer and artist Anne-Elisabeth Moore has an ongoing column called Ladydrawers for progressive investigating reporting website, in which she mostly covers the position of women in the creative industries. Each column is in comic strip format, with collaborations by a whole host of cartoonists and writers, including Corinne Mucha, Julia Gfrörer, Lauren Weinstein, Aidan Koch and Judy Knisley.

Early episodes focused on the position (and representation) of women in comics and in the media industry in general. Recently a series of stories highlights less savoury aspects of the fashion world.

Highly recommended, not only because these stories speak the truth, but also because they do it in a very eloquent, creative and varied way.

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I want to ride my bycicle

Crown Comics 018 (McCombs 1949) 004

Crown Comics 018 (McCombs 1949) 025

I may be starting to sound like an old grump here, but it would seem that a bike was a more wholesome object of desire in the 1940s than a PS4 is today. Just sayin’.

These ads are, again, from Crown Comics, but this time they’re both from #18 (1949). Quite appropriately, the Shelby ad was placed in the front of the book, and the Gillette one halfway through – after all, you first need a frame before you have any use for tires…

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Christoph Niemann’s Peace Proposal

According to conceptual artist Yosuke Ushigome the only solution for long-running enemities between superpowers is the organisation of highly technological mass spectacles.  In a project for MOMA Illustrator Christoph Niemann took this idea and applied it on a smaller scale, trying to find out “how we can play nice”.


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All you need is a booklet

Crown Comics 012 050

Crown Comics 018 (McCombs 1949) 050

You can be whatever you want! All you need is this booklet! I guess these days they’d be selling you a DVD or an online subscription, but back in the 1940s booklets were all the rage.

These ads appeared in Crown Comics (McCombs) #12 (1948) and #18 (1949) respectively.

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Super Coins


Even the smallest donation can do a hero’s work. That is the message in this campaign by The GOVT Pte Ltd of Singapore City, Singapore to raise awareness for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. I like the idea, and the execution is spot-on.

(via Ads of the World)

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Ever revisits mr. Pump

meulenknack2Flemish magazine Knack recently published a special on the future of cars, and picked a very dynamic illustration by Ever Meulen for the cover, featuring a version of Ever’s own Nisiov design. I’m not sure whether it was included in Ever’s recent Automotiv collection (upon first perusal I was unable to spot it), but it is at least a welcome addition to that gem of a book.

Attentive readers will also recognize the vehicle’s driver as Mr. Pump from Hergé’s Le Testament de Mr. Pump (in the Jo, Zette & Jocko series), and know that this will not end well…

(illustration © Ever Meulen)

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How many panels do you need ? (bis)

Romantic Confessions v02 006 (1952 Hillman) 21 Airboy Comics v05 03 (1948 Hillman) 50

I ask you again, how many panels are necessary to explain the ease of your amazing new method for learning music? And how much text ould you add to the comic?

These pages were lifted from Romantic Confessions Vol. 2 #6, 1952 and Airboy Comics, Vol. 5 #3, 1948.

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