Gerard, the game

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 17.43.12

This I like very much. To promote her quite fantastic debut graphic novel, The Miracle of Vierves, Flemish cartoonist Inne Haine created an original board game featuring the book’s characters and replicating its theme, namely the hunt for a stag’s antlers after he shedded them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 17.41.59

The project was supported by Thalys, and it’s just the most wonderful little project, but perfectly executed. I only wish more comic creators would do things like this.

Look for a review of The Miracle of Vierves (which begs to be translated) on the Forbidden Planet blog in the near future.

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Roz Chast does National Poetry Month


The poster for this year’s (American) National Poetry Month, traditionally held in April, was designed by New Yorker regular Roz Chast, and features a quote from a poem by Mark Strand. is distributing 120,000 posters for free (within the US), so you may as well get your own copy.

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Zep in Elle


On January 15, a special edition of Elle Magazine was published, with reactions by celebrities on the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The edition features a cover by Soledad, and an article by Elsa Wolinski about her assassinated father Georges, accompanied by an adorable cartoon by Swiss comic creator Zep.

(illustration © Zep)

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Hands inside the panel!


The joke is as old as comics themselves, I guess, but this version by Alex Norris, is a funny, inventive new take on it. What’s more, it’s just one of the many strips by Alex that reveal this refreshingly offbeat sense of humor.

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The Dartmoor Pegasus


Every now and again, if you wait long enough, something delightful will pop up on your screen that you didn’t know about and that makes you simply happy.

The Magnificent Dartmoor Pegasus Named Kevin is a new web comic by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre about fat flying ponies eating all the Dartmoor farmers’ apples, and one of them in particular, Kevin. It sounds like an old legend, but it’s brand new, and still very good!

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The Dummy That Never Was


R. Kikuo Johnson really had bad luck when he sent this design for the cover of the December issue for the New Republic Magazine, just as he heard it would never see print due to recent staff walkouts.

Still, it’s a very nice cartoon. And it has George Bush and a whole lot of dummy text together. Heh — dummy.

(illustration © R. Kikuo Johnson) | Alternative methods of paying | Writing Scientific Papers Write My Paper For Me In 3 Hours | gostos comprar ativos obter mais informacoes comprar-curtidas

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Tomine in the city

ITC12 (1)

Like he did a few times in the past, Adrian Tomine provides the cover for the 12th issue of the Japanese literary journal, In The City.

(via Adrian Tomine News)

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