Great minds think alike (?)



The picture at the top is an amazing tattoo designed by Russian artist Alina Fokina, as shown on her Facebook page on Decembe 20, 2013. Below is an ad for a brand of safety gloves, created by the Brazilian agency Filadélfia Comunicação in April 2014, as shown on Ads of the World. You be the judge…

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Ever watches the World Cup


It has been a very long time since Ever Meulen last created the cover for Humo, the magazine in which he published his first illustrations and for which he created some of his most famed imagery. This week though, the wait is over – Ever was asked to create the cover of the issue that coincides with the start of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The illustration has everything you’d want from Ever : skewed perspectives, Magritte-like layering of objectds and many, many little in-jokes. The only thing that mars the picture a little, are the many little titles that seem to have been added by the magazine’s lay-out department hinting at the various features in the issue. But at least they follow the image’s lines and dynamics.

(Illustration © Ever Meulen, Humo © 2013 Humo N.V)

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Thrillers in social times

f5bc7861-b619-4f1a-9cfd-0cbf26fb5dfa_social media thrillers 4_preview

This illustration by Jan Van der Veken was published in an article in Vrij Nederland on new thrillers that incorporate Facebook walls, Twitter feeds and other social things of the times.

Illustration © Jan van der Veken

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Wherefore fliest thou, Romeo?


In his inimitable style, R. Sikoryak provides the cover for this year’s Comic Book Theatre Festival brochure. The festival organised by The Brick for the second time coming June. The Beat has the lowdown.


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Domino’s pulls a groaner


Domino’s UK, purveyor of pizzas, thought it would be a good idea to create a comic about how they make their wares as if they were girls getting ready for the summer. After all, bikini season is on its way!

I have never seen so many groaners in one single piece of marketing, starting from the title, A Dough In the Life. The funniest part, in my opinion, are the categories that the post fits into according to the Domino’s content marketing exec  - “All posts, food, funny”. ‘Nuff said; click on at your own risk.

Oh, and the art is by James Iles.

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No superheroes without signal!



These ads for Russian TV carrier Viasat highlight the idea that their subscribers never suddenly lose programs or channels when licencing agreements change, as is often the case with competitors who sometimes tend to carry content “unofficially”. Ironically, though, none of the ads refer to the owners of the properties used, either.

Come to think of it – did they just overlook the one super-hero that actually uses a “signal”?

(via Ads of the World)

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Paris vs New York

06-Brooklyn 03-buildings

Next This week’s issue of the New Yorker magazine puts the City of Lights vs the City that never sleeps, and asked French cartoonist Charles Berberian, who sees both cities slowly blend into one general taste. His illustrations are top notch, though.

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