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Swarte chocolate coins

The Dutch city of Gouda has a library / cultural centre with the delicious name, De Chocoladefabriek (or The Chocolate Factory). Illustrator and designer Joost Swarte created five chocolate coins to celebrate the five aspects of this organisation : the … Continue reading

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First Class Stamps (4) – Story stamp

More often than not, comics-themed stamp designers take the easy road. They pick a more or less representative (and hopefully stand-alone) piece of artwork (or have one commissioned) and slap that on a stamp. Much rarer are the stamps that … Continue reading

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Swarte on e-books

Joost Swarte provided this illustration for a discussion in the New York Times on Sunday, August 18. Swarte and books (or the lack thereof) always make a good combination. (Thanks, Mike)

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Eat French Fries With Joost

If the Joost Swarte Blog is to be believed, nothing is safe from Swarte’s urge to redesign and illustrate. Take this van, for example, selling french fries on cultural events in and around Haarlem. Oh, Joost, must you be so … Continue reading

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Swarte’s look back at 60

Joost Swarte provided a pretty sweet illustration in this weekend’s New York Times, for a reader’s letter about the relativity of the midlife crisis. (with thanks to Mike R.)    

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Swarte is everywhere

I recently attended an underwater hockey championship that my son took part in. Underwater hockey is not really a spectator sport, so I was quite lucky to find that the Wisselaar swimming pool in Breda (The Netherlands) boasts a monumental … Continue reading

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Wonders of the Jordaan

In february of this year Dutch graphical wizard Joost Swarte created a special building in the Willemsstraat in Amsterdam, simply called the Joost Swarte Huis.   Swarte took care of all the details, including kitchen, bathroom and a special work of … Continue reading

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