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Strips Stamps Done Right

Back when the US Postal Services decided to celebrate America’s classic comic strips with a set of post stamps, Mad Magazine‘s Steve Greenberg gave them a run for their money. This is what the stamps should have been like. (From … Continue reading

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Peanuts Road Safety

Found this on Reddit.  I’ve seen devices like these before, but this is the first time that features Peanuts characters in a Beatles stylee.  Nice.

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Nanoblock comics

Christopher Tan is a Nanoblock enthusiast who regularly posts new comics-based designs on his Facebook page.  These models are typically a quarter of the size of comparable Lego designs, and I think they’re pretty cute.

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Norah is a Shroederette

This magnificent poster for a Norah Jones concert was conceived and created by cartoonist and music illustrator Matt Leunig.  Prints are available !

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Good Comic + Mash = Better Comic

Two comic mash-ups made my day recently.  The Nietzsche Family Circus, which combines quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche with random Family Circus cartoons, and @Peanutweeter, which does about the same with fragments from Peanuts and assorted real-life tweets.  Splendid ! (via … Continue reading

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Real Peanuts

Phil Jones (of Birds Of Pray fame) created a quite splendid t-shirt of the Peanuts gang, as represented by, well, peanuts. Buy it at Threadless.

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You go up and down, Charlie Brown

Do you think that the combination of these colors and that pattern on this new T-shirt design by Nathan Pyle are pure coincidence ?  I think not.

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