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Belgian comics post stamps 2014

For this year, the Belgian Post Office is planning three comics-themed issues, it appears from an overview on philately site Philandria (try finding these on the official BPost site, though).

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Tintin is science

If you look at Tintin in a geeky way, and you have an artistic inkling, this is what you get. Jaco Haasbroek did this version of the quiffed one, that’s just screaming to be put on a T-shirt. (via Boing … Continue reading

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Tintin in Portugal

 In the 1950s and 60s The Adventures of Tintin were serialised in the Portuguese weekly Cavaleiro Andante.  This periodical ran from 1952 until 1962 and featured adventure-type comics from around the world (see more here). It would however seem that brand … Continue reading

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Joueurs en stock

Tintin is supposedly big enough in France for this cover to France Football magazine to make sense. Or at least for people to make the connection between a classic comic about modern-day slavery, and the current climate of professional athlete … Continue reading

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First Class Stamps (2) – Tintin!

What better way to start this series than with my favorite comic character ever. Tintin, the quiffed one, has graced stamps from the post offices of his (and mine) native Belgium, France, the Netherlands and innumerable shadier issues (of which … Continue reading

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Adventure Tintin!

Words fail me. This is silly, and at the same time, what would this be like on TV? Ah, ponderings! (art by Mike Holmes, via Tom)

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Tintin au Congo (for real)

My friend Kris Berwouts lives in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo. He recentely posted these pictures, taken at a quite picturesque café called Chez Tintin.  Judging from reviews on Geckogo, it’s not really the place-to-go for food, but the view … Continue reading

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