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Paul Hetherington loves comics and Lego

The excellent Lego blog Brothers Brick recently reported on master builder Paul Hetherington winning the Best In Show award at this year’s BrickCon with an hommage to David Petersen’s wonderful graphic novel series, Mouse Guard. This must be my personal favorite Lego … Continue reading

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Tintin in Indonesia

The Belgian Post Office has issued two exclusive stamps for the Indonesian embassy, featuring a panel from the Tintin album, Vol 714 Pour Sidney. In good Belgian tradition, they went for one stamp in French and one In Dutch. They’re not … Continue reading

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Styles and characters

Finnish cartoonist Jaakko Seppälä created this overview of ten iconic comic characters as drawn in each of their typical styles. Left to right, we see Albert Uderzo (Astérix), Bill Watterson (Calvin), Carl Barks (or another Donald Duck artist), Hergé (Haddock), … Continue reading

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Brecht Evens Paints Tintin

In their literary supplement, the Flemish daily De Morgen is currently running a weekly series of short essays on literary figures that were based on actual people. Each time Brecht Evens provided a fantastic piece of art to go with … Continue reading

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Tintin without Tintin

The Dutch Tumblr Who Wants Yesterday’s Papers takes the Garfield Minus Garfield meme of a while back to the limits, and presents iconic Tintin covers without their stories’ main character. Or any character for that matter. It makes for eerily desolate, … Continue reading

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Belgian comics post stamps 2014

For this year, the Belgian Post Office is planning three comics-themed issues, it appears from an overview on philately site Philandria (try finding these on the official BPost site, though).

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Tintin is science

If you look at Tintin in a geeky way, and you have an artistic inkling, this is what you get. Jaco Haasbroek did this version of the quiffed one, that’s just screaming to be put on a T-shirt. (via Boing … Continue reading

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