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Red Bull gives you wings (even if you have powers)

New York designer Diego Fonseca created these mockups for Red Bull energy drink cans adorned with the colors of celebrated Justice League members. I doubt whether these will ever be realised.  After all, the Flash already has wings, and the … Continue reading

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Superheroes with or without hair on their faces

What is it with superheroes and shaving these days?  First there was Gillette, asking how Superman shaved (after all, with his super strength in his super hair, you’d need a super razor to get that smooth). And now there’s Braun, … Continue reading

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The real superdrug is belief

A children’s hospital in Brasil developed a special packaging for cancer treatment medicine, combined with comic books that explain how the drug works and why the procedure is so horrible, to help its young patients grow faith in their recover. … Continue reading

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This Charming Man Of Steel

Brasilian illustrator Butcher Billy betrays his age with this New Wave – Silver age mashup. Ever imagined Ian Curtis as Batman, Siouxsie Sioux as Wonder Woman or Robert Smith as Plastic Man? Look no further…

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The secret life of Super-heroes

Designer and illustrator Grégoire Guillemin collects a number of candid snapshots into the life of super-hero icons when they’re not in frame. And that makes from some more or less revealing extreme closeups. (via Design Taxi)

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Paint yourself wonder

Joan Navarro went to the Grenoble and spotted this at the airport.  Now you can be Wonder Woman ! (from Joan’s blog, Viñetas)

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Super Bizarro

Dan Piraro is doing a book of Bizarro super-hero cartoons next spring, and to celebrate that, he posted two excellent DC-themed cartoons on his blog.  I like the way he makes fun of the way Wonder Woman is always thought … Continue reading

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