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Stripgids : de Achterkant van Kuifje

Dit artikel verscheen in Stripgids, nr 2 in december vorig jaar.

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Charles Burns For Altoids

Seeing Charles Burns in Angoulème reminded me of the Altoids campaign he did a couple of years back. Since they’re no longer available on the Altoids site, I’m reposting them here. Enjoy.

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Superheroes hit the pavement

Julian Beever is a pavement artist par excellence. His trompe l’oeuils are simply awesome. Here are two examples, featuring Spider-Man and Batman. Be sure to check out the rest of his site !

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Balrog !

My youngest son Dieter got to watch Fellowship Of The Ring, and drew a nice balrog !

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Asterix Card Game

Above is a card game that was given away as a bonus with cereal earlier this year. Print on cardboard, cut out and have hours of fun !

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Flash Gordon & Union Carbide

Back in the early 1970’s, Union Carbide ran some advertisments in comic form with Flash Gordon. They are quite cheesy, and I really can’t understand how this was still a good idea in the 70’s.

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Batman Cookies

These cookies are for sale in Belgium these days. They’re quite good.

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The Hulk New On PS2

A nice advert for a Hulk game on the Sony PS2. (source : can’t remember. I think I got this via email)

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Angouleme Fast Food

Toon and I left for Angoulême today. We were lucky : we arrived at 5 pm, and it started snowing at 5.15. Bart got stuck in the blizzard on the N10 between Poitiers and Angoulême and only got there at … Continue reading

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Benjamin & Merel

Benjamin Leroy and Merel Eyckerman are two Belgian illustrators, working for magazines and children’s books. Their work is very illustrative of recent trends in illustration, mixing a poetry reminiscent of fairy tales with a free line and a wicked sense … Continue reading

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