Johan De Moor shows the way

Since this blog is something of a continuation of my Yahoo Group, i’ve decided to post some stuff from time to time that has made the rounds there. I’ll try to limit myself to stuff that’s fairly public domain.

To start with, here’s a series of illustrations that Johan De Moor did for a publication that was meant to show us Belgian citizens the way through our labyrinthine government bodies.

What’s interesting about this, is that De Moor has brought back to life Balthazar, a character his father, Bob De Moor, created as a filler in Tintin magazine. Bob De Moor, of course, being the genius that gave the later Tintin books the lustre they deserved.


de-moor-johan-belgopocket-2005-00.jpg de-moor-johan-belgopocket-2005-01.jpg de-moor-johan-belgopocket-2005-02.jpg de-moor-johan-belgopocket-2005-03.jpg de-moor-johan-belgopocket-2005-04.jpg

de-moor-johan-belgopocket-2005-05.jpg de-moor-johan-belgopocket-2005-06.jpg de-moor-johan-belgopocket-2005-07.jpg de-moor-johan-belgopocket-2005-08.jpg de-moor-johan-belgopocket-2005-09.jpg

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