Tintin drives a car…

No, this is not a post about the Atlas Editions line of collectible die cast cars based on the adventures of Tintin. This is about Tintin’s preferences when driving a car.

You see, in 1978, Tintin drove a Citroen :


By 1994, however, he much more liked a Honda :

ad-tintin-honda-1994-01.jpg ad-tintin-honda-1994-02.jpg ad-tintin-honda-1994-03.jpg ad-tintin-honda-1994-04.jpg

ad-tintin-honda-1994-05.jpg ad-tintin-honda-1994-06.jpg ad-tintin-honda-1994-07.jpg ad-tintin-honda-1994-08.jpg

Finally, by 2001, he returned to a French brand, settling on a Renault (for now)…


The last scan was a full page ad in De Morgen, a Flemish newspaper. I had some trouble fitting it on my small A4-scanner, so the image suffers from some ghost shadows…

All scans are from Belgian magazines, so they’re in Dutch. If you’re really keen on knowing what the ads say, feel free to contact me.

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3 Responses to Tintin drives a car…

  1. car says:

    nice car for expression, but so expensive

  2. rosy says:

    the car manufacturing is done by the centrifugal casting

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