YouTube doesn’t want your business

I was browsing around for a way of using YouTube without the branded player (you know, the one with Youtube splashed all over the image). Turns out that YouTube has a form for feedback, a.o. for “Business”. So, I quickly whipped up a small email.

Much to my surprise, this is what I got in my mailbox :

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: Business Inquiry
Sent: 16/01/2007 15:06

The following recipient(s) could not be reached: on 16/01/2007 15:06

The e-mail system was unable to deliver the message, but did not report a specific reason. Check the address and try again. If it still fails, contact your system administrator.

< #5.0.0 X-Postfix; host [] said: 550 : Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table (in reply to RCPT TO command)>

Guess they don’t need our business, now that they’re swimming in Google cash..

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  1. Hello dude, I thought I’d post and let you know that your blog doesn’t look so great on the Shielia browser. But it doesn’t have many users so it’s no big deal 😉

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