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Stamps (4) – Mezieres

Finally, a nice sheet from France, by J.-C. Mézières. Next month I’ll try to post more interesting stuff, more regularly.

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Stamps (3) – Alix

I’m currently trying to catch up with my blogging by posting some gratuitious scans from my stamp collection. Today’s item is this year’s “Youth Philately” issue by the Belgian Post Office. it features Jacques Martin’s Alix. Alix is a series … Continue reading

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Stamps (2) – XIII

Last year the Belgian Post Office dedicated their annual “Youth Philately” issue to the hit comic XIII, a long running political action mystery by Jean Van Hamme and William Van Cutsem. It’s currently being published in the US as well. … Continue reading

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Stamps – Ever Meulen Summer Stamps

As promised earlier, here are the Summer stamps Ever Meulen created for the Belgian Post Office in 2005. I kinda like the sideways orientation.

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Civil War In A Nutshell

He did it before with Infinite crisis, and once again Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog saves you a wad of cash, by summing up Marvel’s Civil War “event” in 30 seconds. Neat !

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Welcome to the story

Welcome to the story is a very interesting experiment. First of all, it’s a work in progress, with a meandering story that changes course every day. The cool part about it is that it engages the reader in the story … Continue reading

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Fantagraphics likes us !

Flog!‘s Jacob Covey links to the Ephemerist, and calls us “a good pop blog” ! Thanks, Jacob ! Incidentally, Eric Reynolds traces the sources of the Polaroid ads mentioned earlier, to Daniel Clowes’ David Boring.

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Volto From Mars

Well, Art Lortie has done it again… In his never ending quest to preserve comic ephemera for the future, he has collected all episodes of the Volto from Mars comic at the Volto Archives. Volto was the hero of a … Continue reading

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Joost Swarte in The New Yorker

I’ve been a fan of Joost Swarte’s artwork for quite a while, and when I met him earlier this year, I was happily pleased to find out he’s as much the gentleman as his artwork suggest. It’s not been easy … Continue reading

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Polaroid ad

Polaroid has launched a series of ads which are clearly reminiscent of Scott Mc Cloud‘s Adventures Of Carl, as described in Understanding Comics (Thanks Twenty Four)

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