Mort Walker on Lichtenstein

WALKER__Mort___Grand_Theft_Lichtenstein_Cdaper_Of_1964__Arf_Lovers__20070130_.jpg WALKER__Mort___Grand_Theft_Lichtenstein_Cdaper_Of_1964__Arf_Lovers__20070130__b.jpg
Here’s a comic by Mort Walker that was originally posted over at the Arf Lovers Blog. I think this is a very interesting strip for two reasons. First, it’s done by somebody who’s normally ranked amongst the most mainstream of cartoonists. Second, because it reveals a contemporary reaction to “new” art, like Lichtenstein’s. I can’t think of current artists who were able to fire up the debate like the Pops did. Except maybe Damien Hirst…

Please note : I’m not in the habit of ripping images from other sites, rather than linking. However, Arf Lovers posts don’t have permalinks, so there’s no page to link to. So, please, click on the link above, and check out this smorgasbord of visual goodies.

Update : if you want a good overview of Roy Lichtenstein’s sources, check out Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein. This site provides a very complete, side by side presentation of Lichtenstein’s paintings and the original comic art, and shows how Lichtenstein rarely just copied an image, but rather combined elements from various sources.

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