Nerve and Neil


Nerve is doing a Comics Issue this month, with new work added by Paul Pope, Sophie Crumb, Andi Watson (!), Chynna Clugston, Jim Mahfood (!) and Meg Hunt. Also interviews with Alison Bechdell, Peter Bagge, Evan Dorkin and Roz Chast. And finally a pretty good article on how teenagers relate to Neil Gaiman’s Endless.

Which reminds me, I have been reading quite a few old DC horror comics lately (thanks to the scanning community). It struck me that almost the complete backup roster of characters to The Sandman, which I thought was Neil Gaiman’s own invention, came from there ! The three witches, Eve, Cain, Abel, Destiny, there all there. Which, of course, doesn’t take anything away from Neil’s genius in tieing it all up into a neatly layered universe, but still…

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