Javier Olivares

A while ago, Spanish illustrator and cartoonist Javier Olivares posted two very nice new year’s cards.

note : I originally wanted to write about a series of drawings illustrating the myth of the Minotaur I grabbed from his rss feed, but I can’t find them anymore on his site. Strange…

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  1. eclecticbox says:

    That’s probably because he moved them to a fairly new sketch blog… I think you can find all the drawings on the links below.




    Yeap, the Minotaur series of drawings are great ! A pity that the project hasn’t come forth as far as I know.

    PS: Being both such fans of Batman you should post some of his fan art too, don’t you think!?!?

    PSS: Thanks for your amazing work on this blog, really interesting indeed!

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