A Western Comic For VW

This weekend, VW launched a new campaign in the Belgian newspapers, promoting their special conditions on sunroofs.

The campaign features an indian (Tonto ?) who hears a call for help and, instead of jumping on his trusted palomino, hops in his VW and rides on to the rescue. Admittedly, this is not the most original of ideas – I personally think the Smurf I blogged about earlier was better. However, I do like the way DDB handled the execution. Instead of using photographs or the like, they opted for illustrative art in a style that is clearly reminiscent of the traditional european, semi-realistic Western comics.

That said, it is not the first time VW uses comics in its campaigns – just click back to this post for a look at Tintin driving a Golf.

(By the way, my excuses for the bad scan – it was ripped from a PDF version).

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