Judith Vanistendael in Mo



Flemish world affairs magazine Mo seems to be the first one to ask current sensation Judith Vanistendael to do a regular strip. Vanistendael has been dubbed the new Satrapi with her debut graphic novel, “De Maagd en de neger” (“The Virgin and the Negro”, Oog & Blik), in which she tells the story of her love for an African asylum seeker, and of how her family came to terms with it. Her style is eerily reminiscent of people like Dupuy and Berbérian, and even though the story’s pace sometimes reveals of practice, the book is without doubt one of the major debuts in European comics this year.

(translation of the strip :
Acts of the Grandparents, 2
Nov, 2000 – Well, it fits like a glove !
Nov 2002 – And hup, on to the next one…
Wow, Grandma ! Completely my style !)

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