That’s the way to bring good art to the masses…

Yeti is the Flemish education department‘s official magazine for kids in primary school. Rather than make it a dreary, stuffy journal, they opted to pimp it up and took on board two of the best cartoonist this country has to offer : Marnix “Nix” Verduyn and Bart “brt” Schoofs. Here’s a few examples from the latest issue. They’re (almost) textless games, so all you monolingual Anglosaxons should have no trouble understanding them 😉

The first one is a “spot the errors” cartoon by Bart :


The second one features Nix’s heroes Kinky and Cosy. Kinky (the one with the white rimmed glasses) has had an accident. One of the shards does not belong to her glasses. Can you spot which one ? And also, can you find out exactly how this accident took place ?


(check out the Yeti site for a complete downloadable version of the latest issue)

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