What the hell is going on here ?


Hi there, or as Andrew Marr would say, Hello !

You probably have noticed that I’m quite lacking in the posting rhythm department. I could say that my paying job has been demanding my full attention (which it has) or that I’ve been developing other things in other places (which I have), or even that I wanted to find out what would happen to my visitors rate if I simply stopped posting (it dropped like a brick), but the fact of the matter is, I just got lazy. There, I said it. I couldn’t be bothered.

Being the completist that I am, I’m overwhelmed by a depressing horror vacui when I see non-clickable dates in my blog’s calendar, so I’ll probably fill up last week with fake posts from the fill pile. You’ll see.

Anyhoo, it’s not that I’m doing nothing. Here are some things I’ve got in store for the near future :

  • I have, or rather my dad has, been able to get access to a fabulous collection of Liebig illustrated cards that I’m going to try and scan one series at a time.
  • My collection of DC public service announcements is almost complete. My goal is collecting each and every strip DC published from the 40’s to the 70’s and present them all on a separate page. It’s probably been done before, but I just wanted to have a list here as well.
  • While dusting out my “to classify” pile, I came across a book I had lost a long time ago – “Johny & Annie” by Renaat Demoen. I inherited my copy from my mom, who literally read it to shreds. Somehow, I lack the last two pages, but I’m currently trying to locate them. So expect this gem later this year here, with scans and translations by yours truly.
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