Mark Borgions Rocks


I was talking to a colleague the other day, and suddenly the name Mark Borgions popped up. A long time ago, he made the logo of a project that I was doing for the government. If I can still find it, I’ll post a scan later. I never kept in touch — I’m very bad that way. However lots of illustrations and logo’s stuff that I came across through the years turn out to be his work.

Judge for yourself and check out his site, HandMade Monster, for some very cool character and logo design, very funny video’s and illustrations that are at once edgy and cute. If somebody can draw Johnny Cash and Kraftwerk together, he can’t be all bad in my book.


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  1. Stuffmaker says:

    You should see what he can do with a chinese emperor, a kitchen maid and a nightingale, a book he’s working on. I’ve seen drafts, it’s awesome!

    No, I’m not his mother.

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