Nutricia Baby Books 2 – Wiesje Wollepop

Here’s the Nutricia Baby Book for this week. Have fun, as we present…


“Wiesje Wollepop”


“Wiesje Wollepop stood all alone on a shelf in the toy store. She felt lonely. ‘All my friends have been sold, but nobody wants to buy me’, she said sadly. A tear dribbled down her cheek. ‘I want to go back to Toyland, because I was much happier there. You know what I’ll do, I’ll just run away !”

“While the shopkeeper was away, Wiesje climbed down and wiggled out of the shop. It was cold outside.”


“She shiffered in her fur costume. Where should she go to reach Toyland ? Wiesje didn’t know. It got dark and started snowing. ‘Oh, oh, I am so tired and my feet hurt’, Wiesje sighed after she had walked a while. ‘I need to rest, and I’ll go on in a while.”

“She lay down by the side of the road and feel asleep immediately. She dreamt that she was back in Toyland already.”


“A little girl, who was on her way to school, found her the next morning. ‘What a nice, beautiful doll’, the girl explaimed.

‘But, how did you end up so alone by the side of the road ?’ She hugged Wiesje and kissed her. ‘I’d better take you with me,’ she said.


“The girl told her school teacher where she had found Wiesje. ‘It’s such a cute doll, and she looks so new’, the teacher said. ‘Somebody must have lost her. We’ll puter her in the classroom; maybe somebody will come to collect her.'”

“Wiesje liked it a lot in school. All the children loved her and came to play with her for a while.”


“She would have loved to stay in school for ever. One day, however, she heard the teacher talk to the little girl. ‘Next week the holidays start, and nobody has come round to pick up the doll’. Wiesje got scared. ‘Holidays !’, she thought scaredly, ‘Maybe they’ll put me in a deep, dark closet, or in the waste bin !’ ‘I do wish the doll was mine’, the girl said.”

“‘Well, you can keep her, then’, the teacher said, ‘You found her, so she belongs with you.'”


“Wiesje and the little girl both were very happy because from now on they could always be together. When the girl took her along to bed that night, Wiesje thought, ‘Now I’ll never be lonely again.’ And happily fell asleep’

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7 Responses to Nutricia Baby Books 2 – Wiesje Wollepop

  1. Came here thanks to Gertie Jaquet whose illustrations for Haas krijgt bezoek made me remember the sensation of receiving Wiesje Wollepop in the mail as a child. Loved all the Nutricia booklets!

  2. Azieza says:

    I had the same dol, but i’ve lost it too.
    Does anybody know a place or a website where i can buy or order Wiesje? I don’t think that they excist anymore, but ik can give it a try….

  3. sparehed says:

    I used to have that very same dol, but I’m afraid it got lost somewhere.

    Glad this brought back memories 😉

  4. Angela says:

    I still have this book and I named my favorite doll Wiesje. I still have her too.

  5. Gali says:


    I used to have this book in Hebrew (in Israel) as a child, and have been looking for it since.

  6. wies derksen says:

    wiesjewollepop boekje

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