Eurocentric rant (or, let’s bash some American cliches)

OK, bear with me. So there’s a chain of sandwich franchises named after the Blondie character Dagwood. And there’s a shoppe” opening up in Washington DC, as ComicsDC reports based on an article in the Washington Business Journal.


But look at that photo. Does that look like a sandwich to you ? I mean, this thing could feed a family. I would have thought that after Super Size Me things like this would be a bit less probable…

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2 Responses to Eurocentric rant (or, let’s bash some American cliches)

  1. Dusty says:

    The sandwich is called a ‘Dagwood’ after the character. It’s his favorite midnight snack, but piled even more ridiculously high in the comic strip. The one shown is probably only a ‘club’.

  2. lol! I wouldn’t have been able to finish that either! If that’s the sandwhich alone, I wonder about the drink and dessert as well..

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