Nutricia Baby Books 3 – Peter’s Little Farm

Here’s the Nutricia Baby Book for this week. This time, it’s clearly a lesson in gender discrimination that no one should do without !

Also, if you have tips for the translation, please send them over. I’m not sure about the translation of “omspitten” (to dig in a garden befor sowing) or “boerin” (a farmer’s wife)

Nevertheless, have fun, as we present…


“Peter’s Little Farm”


“‘I want to be a farmer’, Peter told his sister Suzie while sitting on his rocking horse. ‘And yesterday, you said you wanted to be a soldier,’ Suzie answered. ‘In order to be a farmer, I don’t have to wait until I grow up’, Peter said, ‘I’m starting tomorrow, already !’

Now Suzie got curious. ‘Tomorrow ? But – how ?’, she asked. ‘You’ll see’, Peter laughed secretively.”


“The next morning he asked if Suzie wanted to help him. He gave her a box, which he had filled with straw. In the box he carefully put two little rabbits, that had been born two months before. Suzie didn’t understand a thing about it. ‘What are you going to do now ?’, she asked. ‘Just come along’, Peter said,. He went to Mister Pop’s Shop at the end of Main Street.”

“Mr. Pop must have been waiting for Peter, because he said, ‘Very good, Peter, here’s your money !” And he gave him two pounds and a big wooden crate.”


“We’ll turn the box into a house for the chicks that I’m going to get’, Peter said when they were home again. ‘Oh, I’m starting to understand it’, Suzie said, ‘You’re going to earn money with a small farm. I whish I were a boy, so I could help you.'”


“Peter laughed. ‘But you can’, he said. ‘Look what I bought you’. He took two packets of seeds from his pocket. ‘We’ll also make a vegetable garden, which you will have to tend to. I’ll look after the animals. One of the packages is for radishes, and the other is for lettuce. You’ll be able to sell the lettuce and the radishes to Mr Pop.’ ‘Oh, jolly !’ Suzie exclaimed happy.”

“Together they spaded a piece of land. Then they sowed the lettuce and the radish. When that was finished, Suzie fenced her garden with little sticks.”


“The chicks grew very fast, and when they started laying eggs, peter sold them to Mister Pop, just like the young rabbits that were born. Every week Suzie carried a basket full of fresh lettuce and radishes to the shop.”

“The money that they earned that way, was put in their piggybanks. Every week they got heavier and heavier.”


“But one day Peter’s piggybank was completely empty. he had used his money to buy the most beautiful and sweetest little piglet that Suzie had ever seen. And while she put her hand on his shoulder, she said ‘I’m very, very proud of you, farmer Peter’. ‘And I’m very proud of you, country-woman Suzie’, her brother laughed.

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