Sarah Mensinga exclusively in New York Magazine


Flight is, in my humble opinion, one of the best, or at least most beautiful comics anthologies around today. I first came in contact with it through the Free Comic Book Day special that Image (if I recall correctly) put out a couple of years back. What amazes me is how the amazing people behind this project continuously this level of quality across the board, not only in storytelling, but also in graphics.

And it turns out to be a good carreer move to be in there as well : once you’ve been in Flight, well, at least you start to get noticed. Case in point : Sarah Mensinga‘s ‘The Forever Box’ (from the upcoming Flight Four) is presented exclusively in installments on New York Magazine’s Vulture blog. They have started a new feature, the Comics Page, aiming at introducing the casual comics reader to

“brand-new graphic novels by the world’s best artists and writers. Manga, superheroes, indie comix — we’ll cover them all as our editors select the best the exploding comics world has to offer”.

They coulnd’t have found a better place to start…

(via Flight itself, naturally)

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