The Right Number


This has probably been blogged to death by now, but I like the gesture so much, that I just couldn’t stop myself promoting it.

Scott McCloud, comics’ homo universalis par excellence, has decided to make his online comic, The Right Number, available free of charge. Before, you had to pay what McCloud insists on calling a micropayment for the right to read it, but now it’s there in all its glory.

It’s an intriguing story about a young man becoming obsessed with the idea that there is a pattern behind the girls he’s known in his life and their telephone numbers, and that somewhere there’s a girl with the perfect number, who would be perfect for him. The story is particularly engaging, though, because McCloud has decided not to put the panels one next to the other, but to embed them in each other, continuously drawing the reader further into the story, and into the main character’s obsession.

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