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It happened. i-merge transmogrified into Boondoggle.

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Hulk 2 Poster

Hulk Returns ! Grammatically correct, and in French, nonetheless ! (via This is Pop Culture)

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Vertigo First

The newest in a series of companies who are giving away free digital comics, is none other than Vertigo. In an attempt to promote the trade paperbacks to their major series, the DC imprint has made available the first issues … Continue reading

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Roger Langridge for the Journal

Over at the Hotel Fred, Roger Langridge has unveiled the cover he’s made for Comics Journal 284. It’s been there a while, but I only found out about his blog today. There’s more cool art and doodles aplenty there, so … Continue reading

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Comic book advertising

I was reading some old Angel And The Ape issues (I just love those zany comics from the sixties), and my eye fell on these advertisements for toys and clothing.  What struck me is that, even now I know that … Continue reading

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Tom Spurgeon Likes Us

Over at The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon gives the Ephemerist a nice plug. Coming from that guy, “Comics stuff I haven’t seen before” is about the biggest compliment you can get…

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Guy Peellaert

He was a star in his days, but now he seems to be largely forgotten, along with all the other heroes of the pop art movement. Still, Guy Peellaert made some pretty impressive paintings (the Rock Dreams series literally rocked), … Continue reading

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40 Part 40 !! Lambiek Avontuur Strip

This is the final post in my 40th anniversary marathon. And at the same time, it is a look back at how it all began. I had heard that Chris Ware had been doing a promotional strip for Amsterdam comic … Continue reading

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40 Part 39 – Best Wishes

New Year’s cards are always a good source for nice illustrative work. These cards were commissioned respectively by Humo Magazine in 2005, and comic store Het Besloten Land in Leuven, Belgium in 2006(the best comic store on the continent, let … Continue reading

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40 Part 38 – Seth 2.0

The late nineties were a golden time for magazines, especially magazines that were combining technology and business subjects. Red Herring, Business 2.0, Fast Company, they kept on bulking on until they were as heavy as a phone directory. And then … Continue reading

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