Local eating


We had our almost annual asparagus feast today at the excellent Hostellerie De Hamert in Wellerlooi (the Netherlands). While we were waiting for the main course, the owner and I got to talking about how a restaurant can stand out these days. His trick to get noticed was focusing on local food. Whether it’s beef, pork, vegetables, fruit or herbs, they aim at never using any products that need to travel more than 20 miles. And of course, the restaurant’s main forte, asparagus, is a local produce par excellence.

‘And where, pray tell, is the comics content in all this ?’ I hear you ask. Well, it so happens that the New York Times recently ran an article about ‘Near food’ or ‘Local food’, quoting none other than Matt Madden and Jessica Abel. So, there you have it – the global revolution is at hand !

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