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The rather excellent Moors Magazine, a Dutch webzine about stuff that its founder is interested in (a bit like the Ephemerist, I guess), has high quality scans of the magnificent Children’s stamps that Joost Swarte did in 1993. I particularly liked them because Swarte used a comic book language to spread their “story” beyond the confines of the stamps themselves. It looked as if somebody had torn fragments from existing comic books and cut them down to stamp size. They also echoed the narrative device used in one of my all time favorite comics, “Kinderen baas”, by having children and adults switch roles. Brilliant stuff !

Swarte’s release for this year is also very beautiful (also shown above), but a lot less inventive (in my opinion).

If you’re looking for good examples of mr Swarte’s work, Moors Magazine has plenty, as well as stuff by that other Low Countries luminary, Ever Meulen.

(Thanks to my mom for the link)

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2 Responses to Swarte Stamps

  1. pheloxi says:

    Dutch stamps do not have a signature of the designer, but Joost Swarte add his signature.

    look for it!

  2. Mike says:

    Just beautiful stuff – I love Swarte’s work and these are so much more graphically interesting than most US stamps w/ cartoonists.

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