Cartoonist’s Self-portrait : Merho

A double bill of cartoonist’s self -portraits today. As blogged before, the Flemish weekly Focus Knack is running a feature in which they have a short interview with some sort of VIP, and ask him or her to draw a self-portrait. Most of the times this is well tried at best, but sometimes, especially when it’s about real artists, the result is quite good. For example.


Robert Merhottein, or Merho, is the author of Kiekeboe, one of the most popular Flemish comics (and moustaches) of today, which celebrates its 30th anniversary. In fact, it has been the very last series to make it through the typical Flemish comic route, starting in a newspaper, over cheap, black and white album editions to more expensive, colored ones. Later this year, Merho and Kiekeboe are guests of honor at the Flanders Comic Festival in Turnhout. The portrait above was published on february 14.

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