Note To Self #1 – Feeds When There Are None

After having used FeedDemon for about as long as it’s been out of beta, I recently switched to Google Reader, as a result of my continuing ambition to completely surrender my digital life to the God of Goog. I draw the line at Blogger, that’s all.

Google Reader is pretty cool in that it only needs a blog’s base url in order to be able to find out where its feed is, and subscribe to it. What’s more, sometimes this even works better than actually copying the feed’s url as the site lists it !

Still, I thought it might be interesting to know how to find a blog’s feed when there’s no icon around. So, without any more ado : Feeds When There Are None !


Atom feeds are located at



Atom feeds are located at


LiveJournal (see also the LiveJournal FAQ Question #149)

LiveJournal distinguishes two types of feeds : Journal Feeds and Community Feeds.

Journal Feed URLs are located at :

  • Atom:
  • RSS:

Community Feed URLs are located at :

  • Atom:
  • RSS:


Nucleus CMS comes with two built-in feeds :

  •  RSS 0.91 : http://somedomainorother.whatever/xml-rss.php
  • RSS 2.00 : http://somedomainorother.whatever/xml-rss2.php

TypePad and Moveable Type

Moveable Type and its hosted flavor TypePad have integration with FeedBurner built in these days.  Since FeedBurner allows the blogger to choose the id of his feed, your guess for the url is as good as mine.  Look out for the familiar icon, or trust Google Reader


WordPress feeds are situated at the following url :

  • http://somedomainorother.whatever/feed/

(I’ll try and come up with more on a regular basis)

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