One of the best kept secrets in the Flemish illustration/comics world, is Bart Schoofs. Over the years he’s had short or longer stints on major outlets like De Standaard or De Tijd (two of Belgium quality newspapers), Uitweg and Yeti (publications by the Flemish government on public transport and education respectively); he’s published three episodes of his comic “Braaf Varken” (sweet pig), but nevertheless, he’s never had a major breakthrough with the larger public.

So, here’s some examples from his work. The first is a cartoon from Yeti, alluding at the famous Zidane incident.


Materazzi : “My chest hair is itching. Would you care to cratch ?”

The second one is from “Uitweg”, and illustrates the preference rule on the Belgian public roads :

voorrang1_resize.jpg voorrang2_resize.jpg

“Exceptions to the preference rule :

Preference of Duck

Preference from Above

Preference of Monster Truck”

As you can see, good, clean (if somewhat zany) fun, fit for the whole family ! So, If you like this, give the bloke a chance ! Let me know, and I’ll pass it on.

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