Tintindigestion Continued – Exotic Stamps


I browsed around on ebay recently and found a literal deluge of Tintin related stamps, issued by countries like Tibet (I didn’t know they still issued stamps), Eritrea, Crimea and Equatorial Guinea. They are no doubt meant as a means to cash in on the Hergé centenary this year. As the production value of these stamps is very low (the art on the Eritrea ones is ridiculous, to be frank), I doubt these are officially Moulinsart licensed products. Nevertheless, here they are. Read on for a full list.

These are the stamps from Crimea

The stamps from Eritrea are quite frankly laughable.

Then there’s the series from Tibet, which are quite obviously inspired by the official series that will be issued by the Belgian Post Office later this month.

And finally, Equatorial Guinea.

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3 Responses to Tintindigestion Continued – Exotic Stamps

  1. I confirm that all this stamps are illegal and pirates
    See “Tout Hergé en philatélie”, Philabulle Hors-Série #4 on line http://philabulle.free.fr

  2. pere says:

    I think all this stamps are ilegal or pirates.

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