I Love You, Beth Cooper


Evan Dorkin has provided the cover illustration for I Love You, Beth Cooper, Larry Doyle’s new novel that seems to be “in development” for a Chris Columbus movie. There’s reviews for the novel aplenty, but what I particularly like, are the chapter heads that Dorkin did, and which show the result of the book’s various plots on the main character’s appearance. Check out the I Love You, Beth Cooper website for some examples.

Strangely, though, this book is tied by Amazon to the new Michael Chabon. I haven’t read any of them, but based on the synopses, they don’t seem to have that much in common. Except of course that Chabon did an earlier novel on early comic book history (the rather amazing “Cavalier And Klay”), and Doyle’s book is illustrated by a cartoonist. Ah, book marketing, it never ceases to amaze me…

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  1. Jason Rivera says:

    i am quite new to book marketing and i have to master that stuff too*`,

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