40 part 1

I got 40 today. In my neck of the woods, that means your friends come by your house and put up a display of old front doors (as in, when the first digit of your age is a new one, you get a new front door). I narrowly escaped said treatment, but to no avail (thanks to my godson and his family). So, here it is :

40-01_resize1.JPG 40-02_resize.JPG

In case you don’t get the references, check out here, here and here.

I was planning on posting 40 interesting things for you all today, but it’s half past 11 already, and my connection speed is lagging dearly. Let’s say we’ll have 40 birthday posts by wednesday. What can you expect ? Just the same totally trivial comics ephemara : strips, posters, illustrations, record sleeves, what have you. Subscribers to the Ephemerist Yahoo group will have seen some of them, but for the rest of you the hits will keep on coming.

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  1. Frank Daenen says:

    Dikke proficiat Wim!

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