40 Part 10 – Peter Van Dongen


I had the honor of spending an evening with Peter Van Dongen, creator of Rampokan and acclaimed “ligne claire” illustrator. Not only did he turn out to be an incredible sketcher (you should have seen what he drew in the restaurant’s golden book), but he was also a very well-read, kind and emphatic conversation partner. Now, if only he weren’t so modest…

These illustrations were published in 2004, in the Dutch weekly Vrij Nederland, and accompanied a piece about the best bookstores in the Netherlands. Tintinophiles no doubt recognize the policeman.

Incidently, a bookstore from Maastricht, which is quite close to where I live, won.


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  1. Bakauata says:

    Isn’t the policeman from “Quick & Flupke”, another Herge comic, rather than from Tintin.

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