40 Part 33 – Craig Thompson in Nickelodeon Magazine

I blogged about Nickelodeon Magazine before, and here’s some proof of the cool goodies that you can find in this magazine. Craig Thompson we all know, of course, for his international hit Blankets, in which he already shows his masterful experimentation with page layout. In 2001 and 2002, Thompson published some comics in Nickelodeon Magazine, in which he takes this experimentation to the next level.


Ogre and Bunny and Space Explorers (above, from april 2002) are so-called Cartoonigami comics, with different storylines depending on how you fold them. Just try it, it really works !


The Prankster (above left, from the September, 2001 issue) is a wonderful play on the contextual meaning of motion lines, onomatopaea and the like. Juanita And Clem (above right, from the December, 2002 issue) imagines what would happen if a piece of the page was torn out.

This is the kind of stuff that I would like to see more in conventional comics.

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