40 Part 40 !! Lambiek Avontuur Strip


This is the final post in my 40th anniversary marathon. And at the same time, it is a look back at how it all began. I had heard that Chris Ware had been doing a promotional strip for Amsterdam comic store Lambiek, that was not available for the public at large. After begging and groveling for a while, I managed to convince the Lambiek people that I was totally unable to come to Amsterdam, but still would very much like a copy. And they gave in (perhaps to get rid of me, perhaps because I’m such a nice bloke – hm).

When I discussed this book with some online friends, we came to the conclusion that we needed a platform to share stuff like this – cartoonists’ work that appeared in magazines, in advertisments and in other places other than traditional comic books. And The Comics Ephemerist was born.

And so, to celebrate all this, here is the Lambiek Avontuur Strip in all its glory.

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4 Responses to 40 Part 40 !! Lambiek Avontuur Strip

  1. sparehed says:

    I’m afraid you can’t. As far as I know, this was a one time promotional item. But you could try Lambiek (http://lambiek.net/)

  2. parl says:

    Where can i buy this beautiful little comic?


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