It’s a Small World…


I normally don’t do reviews on the Ephemerist, but I’m more than will ing to make an exception for a good satirical webcomic. Small World by Tom Briscoe is one of the few topical cartoons that manage to keep up a very high level of quality while covering a very broad spectrum of topics. It never gets juvenile, and it doens’t linger on pop culture issues like the long queues at multiplexes or Paris Hilton’s jailtime.

Briscoe’s style is not that sophisticated, but it actually supports his format, focusing all attention on the message, and not no the art.

Small World goes out weekly (in principle), and Briscoe also has a notification service running, so you don’t have to be afraid to miss out on anything. Moreover, he Small World book is in progress, with cartoons from 2003 up until 2006.

Check it out, en tell Tom the Ephemerist sent you.

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