Is it Superman ? No !


A great comic from a recent issue of Humo – Kamagurka and Herr Seele’s Cowboy Henk tries on Superman’s garb…

(translation : “Shit, all my clothes are in the laundry. The only thing I have left is this thing here.” “Is it a bird ?” “Is it a plane ?” “No, it’s Cowboy Henk”)

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5 Responses to Is it Superman ? No !

  1. kobus says:

    fuking droog ik heb zelf cowboy henk en de paarde schenkers

  2. Sjersj says:

    Cowboy Henk, best comic ever.
    Came across them on a flea market, could you believe it

  3. Chris Duffy says:

    Why, oh, why isn’t there huge collection of Cowboy Henk comics? They are SOOOOO good.

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