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Johnny Ryan takes on Arthur Miller…

… in pure Comic Book Holocaust style. From the latest issue of Vice, this is truly classic stuff.

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Tour de Jeroom

With one week to go in the Tour de France (in which, incidentally, the soap seems to be winning instead of the sport), I thought it would be nice to draw your attention to Flemish illustrator Jeroom‘s Tour De France … Continue reading

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Summer reading

These days, Humo is running a series on what VIP’s read during their summer holidays. Ever Meulen provided the illustration. And it’s great. As usual.

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The Wonderful World of Kim Pine

Brian Lee O’Malley, a.k.a. destroyerzooey, has posted the strips he did for Comics Festival 2007 on his Flickr. I’m not really a fan of Scott Pilgrim, but I do like the Kim Pine strip a lot.

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Be Safe And Smart on MetaFilter!

Be Safe And Smart on MetaFilter is a brilliant spoof on “Be safe and smart” ads that feature stupid furry creatures warning children about the dangers of modern life, and computers and the internet in particular. If you’re not up … Continue reading

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Central Illustration

Central Illustration is a great resource for illustration talent in all shapes and styles, with works by (a.o.) and Louise Brierly. Not advisable while you’re supposed to be working, I gather. (via HotLinks)

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Profanity Supply Store

A neat metareferential cartoon by Dan Piraro . (From Bizarro, via Neatorama)

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Your Basic Snowy

Imagine you just bought a stuffed Snowy just because it looks cute, and you don’t know anything else about it than that it’s white, fluffy and cute. Luckily, there’s Moulinsart providing you with the necessary details. Or freaking you out, … Continue reading

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This is what my colleagues do when work is slow… I wonder what sound it makes when it gets thrown in the fryer.

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Robert Ullman

Pretty cool illustration by Robert Ullman, there. I like the mix of ligne claire with hints of classic sunday morning cartoons. Neat ! Also check out Robert’s blog, full of graphical goodness.

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