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Lambik Likes Mussels

Lambik, a very popular character from the very popular Flemish comic Suske En Wiske, (and inspiration for the name of one of Europe’s most famous comics stores) likes mussels, apparently.

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The enchanted office

The enchanted office is a cute fairy tale of a comic that was created for Microsoft to promote the new features of its Office 2007 software suite. I’m still trying to find out who made it. It looks like it … Continue reading

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I is in your village, location scouting for Hostel III

Hell ??! Wolfenstein ??!

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I is in your hutte, reading your Comici

Yes, I know, it’s pronounced Comitchi, and the Italian for Comics is Fumetti anyhow, but I kinda liked the fact that at comics are everywhere if you look for them.  Even at 2000 M in the Dolomites…

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I Is Selling Your Clothes

Sign for a children’s clothes store in Chiusa (Klausen), Italy.

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Mike Mignola for Pan’s Labyrinth

This magnificent poster for Pan’s Labyrinth (which I haven’t seen yet, sadly) was done by none other than Mike Mignola ! (via Doug Jones, the guy who plays the “pale man” in Pan’s Labyrinth and the Silver Surfer in, well, … Continue reading

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Dave Cooper in Holland

Last year Dave Cooper did the poster for the Utrecht Animation Festival. The city was full of it, and to be frank, it was a bit too much…

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Galactus is coming !

Here’s another good one from the filler pile : the Coming of Galactus, retold as a Jack Chick tract. I laughed my ass of when I first read this after I got this on the old Comics Ephemerist grapevine..

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