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Rainbow Orchid

As of yesterday, UK cartoonist Garen Ewing has started serializing his comic The Rainbow Orchid on LiveJournal. This is a good thing for LifeJournal and other RSS junkies, because they can jump aboard the Rainbow Orchid express from the start … Continue reading

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1982 San Diego Comic Con – a photoset on Flickr

Will Eisner and Jack Kirby (and Mrs. Kirby) at the 1982 San Diego Comic Con. A priceless photo from a Alan Light’s Flickr photoset on Flickr (photo by Alan Light). (via Drawn! The Illustration Blog)

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Nick Lowe – at my age

By chance, I came across this cover art for Nick Lowe‘s new album, At My Age. I saw Lowe a few years ago performing solo (with the fabulous Geraint Watkins as support) and this image totally captures the man. He … Continue reading

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New Orleans After the Deluge

Smith Magazine is currently running a rather impressive webcomic by Josh Neufeld called A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge. It deals with the events in New Orleans and Biloxi when hurricane Katrina struck. I am particularly impressed by the way … Continue reading

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Gnist Energy Drink

This frame is from an advertising clip for Gist Energy Drink (watch it at Ads of the World). I like the double meaning and the rather cynical undertone in this segment. As his wife enters the room with a very … Continue reading

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Eddie Campbell in The Melbourne Age

From his website, a one page strip by Eddie Campbell, wich was published in the Melbourne newspaper The Age on August 26.

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When We Had Tails (Yahoo Group Recap)

Reinder Dijkhuis is one of those cartoonist who work on a very impressive oeuvre without too much fuss or publicity. I’ve been reading his books since he self-published them in the late nineties, although I must admit that I’ve lost … Continue reading

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Bienvenu A Boboland (Yahoo Group Recap)

This Dupuy and Berbérian comic was published as an online exclusive on the website of the French weekly Télérama in july 2006. It’s basic D&B stuff, which would look good on a larger scale, if you ask me.

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Gravity’s Rainbow Illustrated (Yahoo Group Recap)

Zak Smith took it up himself to provide every single page of Thomas Pynchon‘s mind-boggling novel Gravity’s Rainbow with a fitting illustration. The result of this gargantuan task is a sight to behold. Strung after one another, these drawings eerily … Continue reading

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One Second (Yahoo Group Recap)

My good friend Coolz0r collected these ads for a breath freshener that appeared all over the Belgian press in 2006. I like the rather perverse idea that a fresh breath can solve all problems, combined with the pseudo-Liechtenstein art with … Continue reading

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