Girl Of The Knowing


Luz, Girl of The Knowing is a new webcomic by Canadian cartoonist Claudia (or Fran, for short) Davila.

It’s only been running for a few weeks, but you can already tell that this is one of those high concept endeavours that cannot fail. The subject is timely (what knowledge will we need to survive in a world without oil), the art is spotless and the general feel is warm, empathic, worthwile. It reminds me of the Judith Vanistendael cartoons that run in Mo, and about which I wrote earlier. This is without a doubt one more webcomic on my weekly list.

Fran is one busy girl, with not one but two blogs, one about her art (The Fran Pages), and one devoted to the cause (Our Pueblo) – both of which are good reading.

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