Hold the Quechup

update – I’ve removed the article about my run-in with Quechup.com. If you want to read it, drop me a line. I just didn’t want new visitors to be confronted with a full page slab of text and run away.

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16 Responses to Hold the Quechup

  1. Fat Lotus says:

    Hey! Heyley IS quechup!

    Click on his name! “His” website is Quechup!

    Caught red-handed!

    (Sorry about the double posting)

  2. Fat Lotus says:

    I got an invitation from my college professor.

    I was lucky, and immidiatly sniffed scam.

  3. Peter says:

    I would love also to join any legal action against these people.

  4. Arian Ardie says:

    Looking at some of the other blogs I found that the quechup.com site is owned by idatecorp.com people. Still researching Idatecorp further, but here are the listed owners/managers of the quechup.com site.

    And if you want to contact these spammers, here are the email addresses of the people who own and run the site:




  5. I just fell for this. I feel like a moron. That is all.

  6. macarthur antigua says:

    Thanks for posting this. I also just got stung, and your post was so eloquent, I had to adapt it to send to my list. Thanks so much.

  7. Jeff Herz says:

    I just got burned by this last night. Exact same situation. If there is any investigation into legal ramifications, I would be willing to participate.

    I have also used the text of your original post, since it exactly summarizes my feelings on this issue.

    I am livid, as well as a bit embarrased to have falled into a trap, that I should have known better than to have fallen into


  8. blah says:

    Hayley has posted the exact same comment on about 10 different sites. Who wants to bet that his IP resolves to quechup.com?

  9. Hayley says:

    I decided to do a search on quechup.com and have been amazed at the amount of blogs from various people moaning about Quechup sending invites to all their contacts in address books. I dont know about most people but i read things before i do anything and it clearly states when you check your address book that they are sending invites out to friends that arent on Quechup, and you give them permission to do it. So for all you moaners read next time.

  10. Thanks for pointing me to your piece about it. I was glad to see that others had the same horrendous experience and felt just as violated as I did. The embarrassment of it is the *worst.* Ex-boyfriends, ex-bosses, ex-friends… Ugh.


  11. Jan says:

    I feel exactly the same as you do and keep this blog as reference to state my apologies.

  12. David Oakes says:

    Don’t beat yourself up it’s not, well it *is* your fault, but there was certainly no malicious intent. And you promptly admitted it and apologized, which is far from the web status quo.

    The tree of Internet Freedom must occasionally be watered by SPAM, or something like that.

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