Otto Soglow


I was cleaning up my clogged mailbox today, and noticed this mail from Jeffrey Meyer, pointing me towards a post on his blog,, featuring cartoons by one of my favorites : Otto Soglow (1900-1975) . Soglow is probably most well known for his Little King (above), but Goofbutton also presents illustrations and cartoons from two other Soglow titles : “It’s Against The Law” (1971), a book about crazy, silly and antiquated laws, written by Dick Hyman and illustrated by Soglow, and “Carnival Crossroads” (1960), which tells the history of Times Square.

I particularly liked the illustrations from the former book, because they are sparcer, more true Soglow, than the ones from “Carnival Crossroads”, which, although very nice, contain a bit too much fluff to my taste.

Still, a golden post ! More ! I say, more !

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