Stolen Birthday Present


On the Oubapo America mailing list, Derik “Madinkbeard” Badman announces a new constraint : the Stolen Birthday Present, a collage of panels from strips that were published on his birthday (see the original post for the complete strip).

The story may need some more work, but the idea is a good one, in my opinion. However, newspaper strips from an exact date might not be easy to find. I think I’ll settle for panels from comics from may, 1967 for my collage. To be continued, as they say…

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2 Responses to Stolen Birthday Present

  1. DerikB says:

    Didn’t know you were on the oubapo list (unless that’s how I started reading this blog).

    It was actually surprisingly easy to find a lot of strips from the date of my birthday (not the exact you mind you, maybe I didn’t make that clear). I have a lot of comic strip reprint volumes though, so any book that has a years worth of strips will garner me one strip to use.

    Thanks for the link/mention!

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