Tintin a la Van Dongen


I wrote about Peter Van Dongen before, during my 40 years anniversary blogging marathon, and I consider him to be one of the finest examples of true Ligne Claire cartooning around, period. His grasp of the visual language that was pioneered by Hergé is on a par with people like the late Bob De Moor or Theo Van Den Boogaard.

With the illustration above, Van Dongen also proves that he’s even able to rewind Hergé’s evolution, and imitating his style in his early Petit XXe period. Moreover, I am completely in awe with the way in which he succeeds in emulating the color effects that the printing process at that time resulted in.

This illustration was scanned from the Dutch magazine Boek, which in its turn reprinted it from Duizend Bommen, a Dutch Hergé fanzine.

(Illustration © Peter Van Dongen, Tintin ™ and © Moulinsart)

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